Sarah Breeding, editor and owner

Sarah Breeding, editor and owner


I've worked in publishing for the last 11 years, editing for publishers such as Taylor and Francis Journals, Routledge, Palgrave, the University of Minnesota Press, Yale University Press, and Macmillan, among others. Before I started Best Friends Publishing Services, I was managing editor, and then project manager, for Macmillan Language Learning, working on primary-level projects for the international ELT market. I am on LinkedIn and am a proud member of the EFA, ACES, ASI, and the Northwest Editors Guild. I enjoy editing the following subjects and formats:

  • English-language-teaching and elementary and high school textbooks

  • Journal articles, monographs, and dissertations in all subjects

  • Historical, young adult, literary, and dystopian fiction, thrillers, romance, and fantasy

  • Creative nonfiction, including how-to, self-help, and cookbooks

  • Poetry

I don’t edit memoir, mysteries, and erotic fiction. Sorry!

When I am not editing, I enjoy the hiking year round and skiing in the winter, weightlifting, and reading. 2018 highlights include:

  1. I manned the EFA table at the Portland Book Festival on November 10.

  2. I copyedited a total of 25 academic monographs!

  3. I copyedited and formatted 81 articles in APA style for two psychology journals!

  4. I joined the American Society for Indexing and began their Training in Indexing course.

Sarah, above and beyond what was required—your impressive work was thorough and professional. Thank you so much for taking on this onerous project. I hope to work with you again in the future.
— Robin M., Two Songbirds Press
Just finished going over the edit! You did a wonderful job at “fixing stuff” without trying to change my voice, content, context and humor. That’s the mark of a great editor! I thank you for your efforts.
— Robert F., author
The project manager received a very nice compliment on the project and I wanted to pass along to you. Excellent work! “Of all of the proofs I’ve looked at ..., this has to be one of the cleanest. It’s looking really great, and I have less than 5 comments on the whole proof.”
— Amy F., editorial manager
I got this lovely feedback from the author for you: “I hope it is a much improved manuscript with all the queries addressed adequately. S. Breeding is the best copyeditor I’ve ever had (and this is my 3rd book!). I mentioned this in a comment but it may be missed by S. Breeding so please pass along my gratitude for the superb work!” It’s always nice to get appreciation. Copy editors are always the unsung heroes!
— Kerry B., editorial coordinator